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If electricity comes from electrons does morality come from morons? [entries|friends|calendar]

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[07/09/09 @ 10:31PM]
Sometimes it is so hard for me to relate to other people. I am such a "different" person that I get hung up on what I believe and what is truly important. I'm sorry.

[06/26/09 @ 2:55PM]
[ mood | satisfied ]

I have been busy the past 3 weeks.
Last night I saw Iron Man with my dad and Mel. It was pretty cool, I think that if I was one of those people that had gotton captured by terrorists that it would deeply offend me. And I hated the ending, it was kind of ridiculous. The guy that played Tony Stark is a cutie, no lie.
I paid for camp today. 390$. 403$ for the airplane and 40$ for the train. Camp is expensive but I am bound to have the best two weeks of my life.
I biked like 5 miles today at the gym and ran like 2 miles. I feel like I accomplished something.
I have to go to work tonight, but I get paid today, which is always like the best day ever. If anyone wants to hang out, that would rock my socks!

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yo yo yo [06/13/09 @ 3:52PM]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

So, I am so freaking excited! Not about having to work until 11. I can tell you that. But, I have booked my flight to Portland, and will be leaving July 13! I am so psyched! (I hope is spelled that right!)Oh my goodness, and I only need like $200 more for camp and some spending money! I am going to make it, I hope.


hoot hoot [06/10/09 @ 3:07PM]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So, this is probably my first post in a good six months. I am currently babysitting for my little brother who is super cute and usually not too annoying and Joshua, my mom's friend's kid, who is constantly making me want to lock him in a basement. This post isn't going to be about how I wish I was somewhere else. This post isn't about anything.
I suppose anyone that reads this is going to be like rainbowsin_dark why is this the first time you have posted in forever? And I don't really know why, except that I haven't had a lot of time. I don't think anyone wants to read my ramblings. But, it's all chill.
No news to disclose.


[11/20/08 @ 10:50PM]
So, I get around to updating this once every decade. I probably should've updated last Wednesday, when I got hit by a car. I probably should've updated a month ago when my dad turned into a dick. I probably should've updated a year ago when I started therapy. But I didn't. Those all feel like weak points in my life.
Last Wednesday I was riding my bike to school and I was crossing in a cross walk and the lady didn't see me. There was a guy turning and she took the opportunity to go. I didn't see that he was turning, so I went. I got hit. Minor injuries, I had a purple hip, a green thigh, a black and blue shin and a huge cut on the inside of my lip. Oh, and my shoulder hurts.
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[07/31/08 @ 4:10PM]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I'm in love with my mouth. That sounds odd, but I got my braces off today! I'm super stoked to lick my teeth and not have my tongue hurt! YAY!

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[06/14/08 @ 9:51PM]
[ mood | weird ]

So, I went to work, aka Melanie's vet clinic. I'm just helping out, doing some basic things. I'm learning and stuff, so I do a lot of watching. I decided to watch Mel do a spay on a little dog. She is almost done with it, just sewing her up, and I pass out. Like I felt it coming and excused myself to the bathroom. And everything goes black and I stay like that for like ten minutes. Then, I finally decide that I can control myself, so I get up and walk out of the bathroom. Upon leaving the doorway, I feel another wave of blackness enveloping me, so I shuffle/trip my way to a chair and procede to pass out again for like 5 minutes. It was super scary, and a very odd sensation. I don't think I want that to happen again. Moral of the story is that I'm never going to be a vet.

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[05/11/08 @ 6:43PM]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I GOT A CAR!! I'm super excited, although I can't drive it until June 20. But, it's super cute! It's an '04 Impala. Ah! I'm so excited that I can't even contain myself!

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[01/21/08 @ 8:25PM]
[ mood | okay ]

Tonite at youth group, we were discussing people that looked like good people on the outside, but were bad on the inside. So, I offered up the minister's wife in Running With Scissors, for those of you who haven't read it, the boys mom has an affair with the minister's wife. Yea, not the most talked about subject in church.

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[11/23/07 @ 12:26PM]
[ mood | okay ]

Happy Thanksgiving. I'm kind of opposed to a holiday all about killing indians, but the concept is good. People gathering to say what they are thankful for. Unlike 300+ years ago, people gathering to kill indians and kick them out of their own land. Oh well, enjoy your turkey.


[11/11/07 @ 10:58PM]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I went to a Mel Fisher thing at Gaylord Palms. Met his two kids, had a pretty good time. Oh, by the way, my dad bought me a cutlass. I am pretty excited, I almost wet myself. I love life a lot right about now. Whoever in the Bible said that thing about material posessions, probably never saw a cutlass. Woah.

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[10/06/07 @ 9:33AM]
[ mood | hungry ]

BATMAN wants to talk in third person. BATMAN decided to wash all of my sheets at once last night and they didn't finish before BATMAN went to bed so BATMAN slept without sheets. BATMAN decided to sleep in her purple jams and a rainbow tanktop. Pretty cute BATMAN must say. BATMANS best friend is coming over today. BATMAN hasn't seen her since BATMANs birthday party. BATMAN is uber excited. BATMAN <3 JESUS!!

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[10/03/07 @ 10:09PM]
[ mood | optimistic ]

Does any one have a Deviant art? They are pretty cool if you don't have one, you should get one. Mine is x217redrumx. So, get one and add me. ok?

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[09/28/07 @ 10:02PM]
[ mood | crazy ]

So, I feel like I haven't talked to anyone for a really long time. I dunno. I want to do something on Saturday. I really want to take pictures. I got a milkshake from Chick-fil-a and it tastes amazing. I advise everyone to go get one now. Because it's like there's a party in my mouth and everyone is invited! Leave a message if you want to do something. I'm not sure if I have a ride anyplace, and I might actually be going to Charlie Brown's birthday party. I don't really know. But, I <3 milkshakes!!


[09/02/07 @ 12:01PM]
[ mood | sick ]

So I'm sick. And feel like crap. Stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat and all that jazz. My letter from Camp Fire saying whether I got on to Roundtable or not went to my dad's house, he won't pick up his phone. I made Charlie Brown a mix tape. I decorated the front and back of the jewel case. I think it looks really cute. Does anyone else find it odd that we have probably been going out for a month but I don't think we've ever hugged and never kissed. So maybe I'm just weird. Oh well. I have to go clean so later.

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[08/30/07 @ 3:07PM]
[ mood | aggravated ]

So last night were my interviews for Roundtable. I think they went very well, but that means nothing really. I really hope I get on. I just got back from the orthodontist, I decided to get hot pink today, forgetting that these would be the colors I would be wearing to Homecoming. YAY! not.

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[08/13/07 @ 10:30PM]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So, I've been feeling like throwing up a lot lately and I don't know why. And it really bothers me because I can't eat breakfast because I'm really scared to throw up at school. So, yea, I hate this, and it's not just in the morning, I thought I was gonna throw up like five minutes ago. And throwing up is gross. But on the plus side, I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond with Melanie and we got stuff to re-do my room. It's really cool, I got a new quilt and it's purple and teal and yellow and a bunch of other colors. I got a curtain type thing it's like a giant scarf that goes over the top of my window. And I got a new desk lamp and I'm using the tall lamp from my living room. We re-organized my room so it's much prettier, and I love it! I have one of my old trunks as a night stand and it looks so cute! And tonite I went to Charlie Brown's youth group. Pretty fun, definately different then mine, but whatev, different strokes for different folks. hehe...And my dad said I can go to Night of Joy, which should be fun. So, I'm pretty much enjoying life.

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CF66 [07/17/07 @ 12:59PM]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, last week I went on CF66 so here is some pictures of my week!

Obviously picture heavy.
good times on the roadCollapse )

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ok [06/30/07 @ 9:51PM]
[ mood | creative ]

So, I was bored and reading Lakeland comments and I think racism is really silly. Because honostly I thought everyone came from the same place, our mommys tummy. Maybe I was wrong....?

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[06/18/07 @ 1:21PM]
[ mood | scared ]

So, yesterday, we went walking in the woods, and that was fine, my dad almost stepped on a cottonmouth, then stuff happened. I woke up this morning and I had the lights and my glasses off, but my tummy itched so I lift up my shirt and there was something on my tummy, so I pulled it off and it was a tick. :( I am not sure if that's what you were supposed to do if you got bit by a tick. But now I'm really scared to go in my room, because I don't know where the tick is. :(

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